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I'm a maths tutor located at Macquarie Park (Near North Ryde in North-Western Sydney, Australia, close to Epping, Eastwood, and Marsfield).

I tutor private (individual) mathematics lessons for years 7-12 of high school, Monday through Saturday from about 10am to about 9pm. I also tutor senior high school physics. I'm a maths tutor and physics tutor for the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

My Experience as a Maths Tutor, and Other Teaching Experience

I first worked as a maths tutor when I was a student at Macquarie Uni. I've also tutored and/or taught classes in other subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Computer Science both at university and high school level.

(In fact, when I was in senior high school I was often asked to stand up at the front of my own computer science class and teach/tutor advanced topics such as machine language programming, because I understood and could explain them better than the computer science teachers.)

This background has given me plenty of experience in understanding how people learn, what they get stuck on, and what motivates them. Most importantly, it has given me insights into the different ways different people need to have things explained so that they make sense to them.

In the past, I've been a maths tutor for commercial coaching companies, a physics tutor for Macquarie University, and both (maths tutor and physics tutor) under my own name. At Macquarie Uni I tutored and marked students' work for physics laboratory classes in several first and second year university subjects (units PHYS 140, 143, 149, 159, 220 and 278).

During the five years I studied and worked at Macquarie (and for all I know, many more years than that), I was the only undergraduate student I knew of who was given any teaching or tutoring duties for subjects higher than first year. Much of this work involved explaining the mathematical concepts behind the physical principles that the students were working on.

I was also the Laboratory Director for the new 2nd year subject PHYS 220 Scientific Modelling. This position involved teaching classes and writing (as in creating from scratch, since it was a new subject), teaching and marking the students' exercises for the entire practical (computer laboratory) component of the course. Most of this was done using the mathematics package MATLAB.

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