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Are you at all stressed about Maths?

Do you suffer from Mathematicaphobia?

Now that you've found this website, take a deep breath... And start to relax.

If you or your child are having any problems with maths, take a deep breath, and start to relax... Now that you've found this site, your problems will soon be over.

I taught my first maths students as a maths tutor in 1995. I long ago lost count of the times people have told me that when I show them how to do things, I do it in a way that makes it really easy to understand.

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I'm a University Medal winning Maths Tutor and Physics tutor, located at Macquarie Park, next to Macquarie University, Sydney. I've recently moved here from Glenwood, and (before that) the Blue Mountains, where I had students travel from as far as The King's School, North Parramatta — a long way to travel for a high school maths tutor.

I first worked as a maths tutor while I was a student at Macquarie University at North Ryde. I've also tutored and/or taught classes in many other subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Computer Science both at university and high school level.

I may have a spot or two left at my Blue Mountains (East Blaxland, near Penrith) location, which I still have to teach private maths lessons as a maths tutor for my existing maths and physics students.

Maths Tutor Macquarie Park

Medal Winning

I've won many academic awards, and was the second person ever to be awarded the University Medal for Physics at Macquarie University.

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Maths Tutor North Ryde

Macquarie Park Location

Mathwiz Maths Tutor and Physics Tutor is located at Macquarie Park, Near North Ryde in North-Western Sydney, Australia, close to Epping, Eastwood, and Marsfield.

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Maths Tutor Marsfield

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At my previous location I was booked out almost continuously. Apply now while vacancies remain at the new Macquarie Park location.

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Maths Tutor Near Macquarie University


Imagine how it would feel as you discover that it really is possible for you to improve a lot at maths.

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I Get Results In Math IMMEDIATELY!

The best thing that I can say about myself is that I am not the regular math tutor you can find in any local newspaper ad. I am very energetic and I truly care about my students.

Personalised lessons from a private maths tutor are like a treasure chest for unlocking a student's full potential — by giving them the one-on-one attention they deserve (and often need). It's a whole world different to a classroom environment, where many individual students get neglected.

By pinpointing the exact needs of each and every one of my students, I am able to provide the most effective maths tutoring available.

It Really is Possible!

Right from the beginning, students discover that it is really possible for them to improve at maths and physics. Many students become much more interested in the learning process.

Their newly developed abilities instill a sense of confidence with maths that many have never experienced before in their entire lives.

This of course enables students to become much more productive in the classroom, and at exam time.

Why Is A Private Maths Tutor So Effective?

A one-on-one maths tutor can dramatically improve a students success at school (and therefore their entire future).

All maths skills build on earlier, more fundamental skills. If a student has missed out on understanding even one (or, more usually, several) important points early on in school, much of what they do in later months or years will just not make sense to them.

The hard work they may be doing in class right now will have little effect if they have missed out on something important that has already been taught earlier on.

Maths is a High-Value Subject

It's common knowledge that being good at maths translates to getting good academic results and high scores for the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). Because maths is valued so highly, any time spent on maths will benefit your future more than spending that much time and effort on other subjects.

Furthermore, many employers pay more attention to maths results than results in other subjects. More than any other school subject, people often think of someone's ability with maths as a measure of how smart they are.

Maths and Physics Tutoring at Macquarie Park (Near North Ryde in North-Western Sydney, Australia, close to Epping, Eastwood, and Marsfield)